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Corporate Governance

Certificate of incorporation and bylaws topics are paired with proxy statement and other policy disclosures to generate thorough answers

Executive Compensation

Compensation benchmarking for executives and directors, and incentive awards design, including vesting preferences and potential payments.


What’s trending in proposal activity for both management and shareholders, including voting results.


Environmental and social governance is important to shareholders. Disclosures are scattered in various places, making us the single source.

Corporate Governance

Board Demographics

Board Size 

Board Age

Board Gender Diversity

Board Ethnic Diversity

Board Tenure

Board Independence

Anti-Takeover Defenses

Special Meetings

Written Consent

Blank Check Preferred

Authorized Shares Analysis

Cumulative Voting

Majority Voting

Advance Notice

Poison Pills

Classified Board

Supermajority Voting

Proxy Access - Trends and Highlights

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